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FlaMINGLE - Happy Hour Cruise  – WPB
Location & Directions

Looking for a perfectly relaxing & fun way to end your day or begin your evening?

Join us on a Flamin‍‍‍go themed Summer Happy Hour cruise along Palm Beach Island, & Downtown West Palm Beach just before the sunset. Fun drink specials, tropical music and beautiful scenery.

FUN 90 minute boat ride for all ages. Snacks & beverages welcome but no large hard coolers OR GLASS allowed. Beer, soda, wine, rum punch and other refreshments available for purchase on-board.

5:00pm - 6:30pm

Pricing:    $85.00 Per person / $55.00 kids 12 & under
$3.00 processing/booking fee per person

Summer Fun F‍‍‍loatilla C‍‍‍ruise  – WPB

Location & Directions

Check Schedule for days & times

Pricing:    $30.00 Per person / $15.00 kids 12 & under
$3.00 processing/booking fee per person

The ultimate summer fun cruise with giant floats, noodles, water games and more!

We begin with a cruise along Palm Beach Island where beautiful mansions, mega yachts, the Port Of Palm Beach, the downtown West Palm Beach skyline and historical sites and landmarks are just some of the sights to see. Depending on conditions your captain will decide on one of the renowned spots in the calm waters of the Intracoastal Waterway, we ma‍‍‍y ‍‍‍even head out to the Ocean.  At the anchored location, you may  swim, float, relax in the water with a swim noodle, play water games, paddleboard/kayak or stay on the boat and soak up some sun & festive drinks.        

Visit Palm Beach has declared 2018 the Summer of PINK in The Palm Beaches and we are going all out!

Flamingo themed floats, decor, drinks and contests make for‍‍‍ unforgettable memories this summer for all ages aboard the spacious and comfortable catamaran, Hakuna Matata.  

The phrase "Hakuna Matata", is a Swahili phrase that means "No Worries" and that's exactly what you'll enjoy while aboard her. The Hakuna Matata is a Coast Guard certified  catamaran that can accommodate up to 49 passengers and with her single level deck and large bar area she has plenty of room for serving food, drinks and socializing.  She is also equipped with two full heads that can also be used as dressing rooms.  

The Hakuna Matata  is also available for private charters and makes a great place to have a special family get together, a enjoyable company outing, or an awesome birthday party.

Catamaran Snorkel Excursion  – WPB

Location & Directions

Snorkeling is a wonderful activity that can be enjoyed by everyone!  Head off on our 50 ft. catamaran, the Hakuna Matata, for some of the best snorkeling in the Palm Beaches!
Enjoy your very own personal view of the incredible variety of sea life that call this area home.  This excursion is "Tide" and "conditions" dependent.

Pricing:    $75.00 Per person / $35.00 kids 12 & under
$3.00 processing/booking fee per person

Check Schedule for d‍‍‍ays‍‍‍ & times

Sp‍‍‍ecial Event Cruise

Sunset‍‍‍ Excursion  – WPB

Location & Directions

7:00pm - 8:3‍‍‍0‍‍‍pm

Pricing:    $30.00 Per person / $15.00 kids 12 & under
$3.00 processing/booking fee per person‍‍‍‍‍‍

Kick back, relax and spend an evening aboard the Hakuna Matata. cruising along the skyline of Downtown West Palm Beach and the magnificent palatial mansions and mega yachts of Palm Beach Island.‍‍‍

‍‍‍This is the perfect way to enjoy the water, sights and relaxing atmosphere of the Palm Beaches!

‍‍‍That's right BYOB, bring along your choice of beverages and snacks and create your very own onboard picnic.  Refreshments are available for purchase onboard.